Your handset payments will continue until the end of your loan agreement, or if you prefer, you can pay the full balance of your mobile loan if you tell us they are leaving. ff) “port” or “port” when we transfer your phone number from another network manager to us or from us to another network operator, if you have a valid agreement with us; In early 2014, Virgin Mobile Latin America was launched for Virgin Mobile Mexico. Since April 10, 2014, it is possible to buy regular micro, nano and SIM cards via several outlets in shopping malls or on the Internet. They agreed to use the Movistar network. In April 2014, they offered only a basic prepaid service (Voice SMS Data) to the pay-as-you-go base and are expected to soon launch more varied offers. In June 2016, Virgin Mobile Mexico began offering LTE access via Volume 2. 13.6 Exclusions. In all cases other than those covered in point 13.5, and to the extent that the law allows: We exclude any liability to you or any other person for expenses, losses, expenses or damages, whatever the form of the act, whether in the Contract, indecisable (including inattention), by law or by anything else, directly, indirectly or consequently (. B for example, loss of profit, loss of business or loss of expected savings) and regardless of whether or not it results from this agreement, including 20.4.

You acknowledge that you enter into the full agreement as a result of your own requests and that you do not rely on a statement, assurance or commitment on our part or on our behalf, which is not expressly stipulated in this Agreement or in our other Terms and Conditions. They free us and each of our officers, agents and advisors from all the claims, actions and demands of any kind (including inattention) that arise from our relationship with this agreement before the beginning and from the discussions that lead to it. 15.2 If liability is required by law, our responsibility to you will, to the extent permitted, leave or in connection with this Agreement, depending on our choice: (i) in the case of products and/or applications, repair or replacement of goods, or delivery of equivalent products and/or applications or reimbursement; or (ii) in the case of services, reimburse the fees paid for these services or provide services again at no additional cost. Virgin Mobile Qatar was a brand licensing partnership between Virgin Group and Qatar Telecom (as a Qtel Group). The new brand was launched on May 13, 2010[15] on the Qatar Telecom (Qtel) network. [16] Virgin claims to be Qatar`s first youth-focused mobile brand, and offers simplified full-time fares (regardless of the peak and peak, with an airtime of 180 days – which says is the longest in the country.