c. Agreement amending regulation (EC) 25/ 2002. Agreement to amend the 1977 agreement, concluded on April 19, 1978; (7) In the execution or execution of services authorized under this agreement, any airline of a contracting party can enter into cooperative marketing agreements such as blocking zones, code-sharing or lease agreements with the aviation agreement – signed on behalf of the United States by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Transport Minister Elaine Chao – effectively replaces the existing EU-US air transport agreement. The EU-US AGREEMENT was signed in 2007 and established a legal framework “to promote safe, affordable, cost-effective and competitive air transport” between the two blocs. 1. Upon arrival in the territory of a contracting party, aircraft transported by the other contracting airlines in international air transport, their regular equipment, ground equipment, fuel, lubricants, technical consumables, spare parts (including engines), aircraft warehouse (including, but not limited to food, spirit drinks, tobacco and other products intended for passengers or other products for sale or use by passengers in flight), and other goods intended or used exclusively for the operation or maintenance of aircraft operating in international air transport are exempt, on the basis of reciprocity, from all import restrictions, property taxes and capital taxes , tariffs, excise duties and similar taxes and charges that are levied by national authorities (a) and (b) on the basis of the costs of the services provided; , provided that these equipment and provisions remain on board the aircraft. The “open skies” agreement between the United States and the United Kingdom confers additional rights on cargo flights 11. “User charge” refers to a fee imposed on airlines for the provision of airport, airport, air navigation or aviation security facilities or services, including related services and facilities. Britain is heading for Brexit next month, the government has signed a new air transport deal with the US. The bilateral agreement will guarantee flights between the US and the UK as soon as the current EU agreement (of which the UK is a member) expires at the end of this year.

The roads between the two countries are among the most popular in the world and generate billions in revenue each year. (f) use points behind each point on its territory, with or without modification of the aircraft or flight number, and to support these services to the public as well as through services and to make them known to the public; The agreement will replace the current EU agreement, maintain continued travel, protect the economy and ensure that the UK remains one of the world`s leading air hubs for both travellers and businesses. The recently signed air services agreement by the United States and the United Kingdom gives U.S. freight operators rights they did not have under the U.S. agreement with the European Union. without limitation of direction or geography and without the loss of a right of transport authorized by other means under this agreement, provided that the transport, with the exception of all-cargo services, is part of a service serving a point in the airline`s country of origin. to conclude a new bilateral air services agreement in light of the UK`s withdrawal from Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union; Britain will leave the European Union completely by the end of 2020 and the current transition period is unlikely to be extended. Currently, the UK is covered by bilateral EU-wide agreements with countries such as the US. The new agreement, signed by UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, will replace the existing EU agreement.