This agreement was designed as a temporary measure; it was due to last one year and originally expired in June 2017. By mutual agreement, the parties have extended their duration until June 2018. The employer argues that services with a call centre within their structure have procedures in place to allay the fears of clients who behave in an unacceptable or threatening way. These procedures may be subject to regular review and the employer believes that they cannot be part of the collective agreement, as they would unduly interfere with management`s prerogatives. 7 of the Federal Public Service Labour Relations Act. Workers who take maternity/parental leave and are entitled to the incentive payment are entitled to an amount equal to the share of a year worked on August 24, 2017 or after the start of their maternity/parental leave, net of amounts already received of $4,000. This amount must be paid immediately before the start of the leave period concerned, subject to the provisions of collective agreement 38.01 (f) and 40.01 (e) of the collective agreement. 113 A collective agreement that applies to a unit of collective agreements – with a non-negotiation unit under section 238.14 – must not, directly or indirectly, amend or remove any existing employment clause or condition, or establish a new employment clause or condition of employment, when workers have access to the collective agreement in both official languages through the website of the secretariat of the Ministry of Finance, in an accessible format that takes into account disabilities and enjoys the benefits of an electronic document such as research functions. B and the ability to copy and insert e-mail messages or other documents.

The employer considers that the existing provisions of paragraphs 24.05 and 24.06, which provide for notification and consultation, are sufficient and sufficient. The amendments proposed by the negotiator are not included in other CPA collective agreements. The FPSLRA and the collective agreement (Article 21) also contain general provisions relating to joint consultation. has the same meaning as that defined in the applicable terms and conditions of the employer`s employment at the time of the signing of this agreement.