For shorts, get paid the full rent before your rent starts. We accept bank transfers, bank transfers, cash, debits, American Express and credit cards. The OFT welcomed a pioneering High Court ruling that certain conditions that Foxtons Ltd used in its lease agreements with landlords are unfair. Please contact your service providers as part of the relocation process. Don`t forget to take meter readings on the last day of your lease, which must be delivered in accordance with your special rental contract by delivery registered at Foxton headquarters or by email at You always have to refer to the agreement. Your landlord has up to 10 days from the eviction date to offer abysmal deductions from your down payment. Once you have agreed, your deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer and it may take up to 3-5 business days to clear your account. If there is disagreement, then this part of the bond will be maintained until a solution is found The OFT and Foxton have fully engaged in a consultation process in which Foxton had a reasonable opportunity to change their terms. Foxtons, however, stated that their agreements with the owners were not unfair and did not make the changes we requested and continued to use them. As an owner, I think all the concrete measures mentioned are something I pay for. The most serious thing is that when a landlord negotiates a lease, he acts on my behalf, so he should not take money from the other side for the same. It seems to me that this is an obvious interest.

Yes, please go to My Foxtons, where you can book and pay for your rental cleaning end An audition to determine the essential issues related to the fairness of Foxton`s lease agreements with the owners took place from April 29 to May 1, 2009 before the High Court. The fairness test related to foxtons a) conditions of the renewal commission, b) commission of the sale of the land and c) third party renewal commission. It is a fixed fee that, depending on the circumstances of each lease, can cover a large number of jobs, including, but not limited to, visitation, lease negotiation, reference verification and contracting. You should inform us two months before the end of your lease in order to have sufficient time for the organization of the entire associated administration. Contact for more information. Please include the name of your landlord, as stated in your rental agreement, which you can find on My Foxtons For a short lease where a business is the tenant, you must present identification for those staying in the unit and a letter from the company confirming the full name of all proposed residents. Please return your keys to your Foxton office on the last day of your lease. If you are present at the check-out inspection, please seize them from the cashier who returns them to Foxtons. You are required to return the property to the same condition as at the beginning of the lease, so if you would like to book a clean-up to do so, please visit My Foxtons.

If you do not remember the status at the beginning of your rental, please check the “Documents” section on My Foxton, where the registration report is recorded if the registration report was prepared via Foxton. (Look at Foxton`s cleaning specifications) Terms of the renewal commission: which allow the broker to recover an additional commission from the lessor if the tenant and, in some cases, a tenant or other party introduced by the tenant, continue to rent the property by the landlord beyond the initial tenancy period and when the broker is not invited to provide an additional service in return. As a tenant, you are responsible for setting up accounts with the public services directly when moving into your property and also when you leave your property, making sure to provide meter readings at the beginning and end of the lease.