When it comes to investing, I advise you to do it through a lawyer. There are important clauses that you need to include. It could be devastating if you miss one or two with a temple. I`m sure you`ve already tried Google and you don`t want to. I know that is not what you are hoping for, so I apologize in advance. I`ve seen far too many agreements/contracts on fraud without bad intent, but because filmmakers hope to save a few hundred dollars by not using a lawyer. This complete Private Placement Memorandum film has been used several times by successful independent producers to raise money for entire evening movies at a budget of 350K to $8 million. Our PPM model uses real current samples from a production that is raising funds for Capture The Flag in 2020, with actresses annexes Dick Van Dyke, Louis Gossett Jr and Barry Corbin. Previously, the same PPM film was used to raise funds: our film PPM Template is designed (and prescribed by law) for filmmakers who want it: you have prepared your film business plan, you have addressed it to film investors and you think you are getting your film financing. The next likely step is that the investor will apply for a film investor contract before cutting the elusive “independent film financing cheque.” So how do you make sure there`s nothing between you and an interested film investor? One possibility is the use of a film-investor agreement. In the case of a typical film production, the backends (net profits from the film) are divided fifty-fifty between the filmmaker and the investor. Who is the “filmmaker” based on the above statements? Every actor, director, producer or talent also promised a piece of the backend. As a producer, you can use your 50% as a sales tool to attract talent.

They provide what the industry calls “points.” The points are backend percentages, and the film-investor agreement makes it all clear to all those involved in financing the film. With the investor film contract, you can show that you know what you are doing with regard to financing the film. Investors trust you as filmmakers, but also as a businessman. It is important to present your film investor with a professional film investment contract that outlines the basic conditions that protect your money and your film. FilmProposal always recommends that you look for a professional lawyer for all papers that discuss the exchange of funds between a filmmaker and his investors.