The Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement is a volume licensing subscription program that allows qualified university customers to purchase Microsoft software and services under a single agreement. Specially designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions, EES licenses all university machines based on the number of institutional employees and not on the individual machine. Columbia University has entered into a licensing agreement with Microsoft Corporation to distribute several Microsoft products and product upgrades to specific campus groups and organizations. Depending on your membership, you can download a large number of products, including: educational institutions deserve to get the best out of their agreements, and our knowledge of academic technologies ensures that you get the best out of your investments. SoftwareONE offers a free software download service through our Lifecycle software portal as well as support for Office365 downloads via our academic provisioning portal. With licensing and technology advice, we ensure that every institution uses the best programs. After installing Office, you must activate your license by logging in with your Microsoft Office 365 account, which has your [protected email] username. Agencia de Noticias UN – Sede Bogota. – La Direccién Nacional de Informationtica y Comunicaciones ofrece a la comunidad universitaria la posibilidad de adquirir a bajo costo el software de Microsoft original. In addition to the pricing benefits mentioned above in May, there are three free benefits for the institution, staff and students that are related to implementing an agreement on campus: to take advantage of the Benefit Benefit Benefit Benefit student, contact your Microsoft partner to order the Add-on Intune for students with a faculty SKU. If the faculty/coverage of staff at the organization level includes only one specific school or department, only students enrolled in that school or department are eligible.

The paid Intune add-on will continue for all other scenarios. A finals del mes pasado, the Universidad de los Andes firma un nuevo programa de licenciamiento de software, llamado Microsoft Campus Agreement. A través de este programa, la universidad obtendré beneficios como la reduccién total del costo de propiedad de tecnologéa, simplifiecacién de administracién de licencias y el manejo de presupuesto. Para mayor informacién pueden comunicarse a través de correo electrénico a, o con la Mesa de Ayuda, extensién 18,000 o con e-training Ltda. al teléfono 211 2821 – 211 2823. SIA-| Bibliotecas | Directorio | archivo | | Comunicados Correo | calendario | Un-| agenda Contractaén | Sistema quejas | Aviso legal Gracias has a convenio firmado between the Universidad Nacional de Colombia y Microsoft, denominado Campus Agreement, la institutcién puede ofrecer el software legal de la compaa. Los software estén available para docentes, personal administrativo y estudiantes vinculados a la Universidad, a través de los Productos Campus. En el mercado normal un software como el Windows Vista is consigue in a precio cercano a los 200 d`lares. . The software sold under licensed MSCA included Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office and visual studio versions. NET suite of development tools.